Commercial Kitchen Ventilation


Colin Hill provide commercial extract hoods & systems that can revolutionise your commercial kitchen. Our range includes extract only hoods, extract & air input hoods, island canopy sections, service distribution units, air input systems, odour & noise control products and we offer a bespoke build your own service that tailors your every need.

If you're in need of commercial extract hoods, commercial extractor fans or entire commercial kitchen extraction systems, then Colin Hill have you covered and can improve your kitchen no end.

You may cook the best food and have the nicest restaurant, but if you're extraction systems are not up to scratch you could suffer in the long run. So make sure you have the very best and most reliable extraction equipment fitted in your kitchen.



Extract Only Hoods


Our range of extract only canopies are fabricated from quality stainless steel. We offer all the standard sizes, if we don't have the size you are looking for, call us and we will fabricate to your requirements.

Our commercial extraction hoods & commercial kitchen canopies are great looking pieces of equipment, but more importantly they are reliable and can be counted on to do the job well. The importance of extract hoods should not be overlooked as they help to keep your kitchen clean, by minimising airborne grease & smoke, as well as neutralising or recycling cooking odours and smoke completely.


Air Input Systems


Why is it necessary to have air input? When air is extracted from a kitchen, replacement air will be drawn into it from outside. In order for a kitchen ventilation system to work correctly, both the extract and fresh air flows must be considered and planned for.

If fresh air is not introduced into the kitchen via a dedicated ventilation system, all the air extracted through the canopy will have to be made up of natural infiltration air coming in through any other room opening, (ie doors, windows etc). The recommendations for natural infiltration air are for 15 to 20% of the total air extracted. This will maintain a negative pressure in the kitchen and help prevent odours escaping into adjacent areas.


Odour & Noise Control


Activated carbon has been utilised for many years to reduce fumes and gases from the air. Currently a wide range of carbons are available for this purpose in the continuous battle against the emission of unpleasant or even dangerous odours and fumes from a wide variety of sources. The ever-increasing awareness of this problem by the public health authorities and environmentalists has resulted in a corresponding increase in the use of activated carbon filters.
Carbon Filtration although popular is only one way of reducing odours and grease, at Colin Hill we can also supply, install and mantain:  ESP Units (Electrostatic Precipitator), ON 100 Odour Neutraliser & UV Lighting.


Island Canopy Selection


If your commercial kitchen happens to utilise island cooking areas, then these commercial kitchen canopies are exactly what you need. As well as looking aesthetically pleasing the canopy or hood has superb extraction abilities and is capable of removing bad air from the kitchen area & with certain models can actually cleanse and then recirculate air, back into the kitchen.

The last thing you want to be doing is filling your busy kitchen with steam, smoke and harmful fumes, so the installation of an island canopy is vitally important. Once it is installed you won't believe how good it is at its job.


Condense HoodsCondense Hoods – To Suit Dishwashers

If your kitchen is getting too steamy then consider one of our condense hoods to direct the flow correctly, usually over sinks, dishwashers and pot wash areas. We can fabricate to any size.
Please allow a lead time of around 3/5 days for delivery. Bespoke canopies can be made to order any size, any shape.


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fling-flip front

If you're in need of commercial extract hoods, commercial extractor fans or entire commercial kitchen extraction systems, then Colin Hill have you covered and can improve your kitchen no end.



fling-flip front

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