Sunbury Cricket Club,

Modernising an historic cricket clubhouse

The Sunbury Cricket Club has a long and proud history traceable back to the 1860’s and although the ground is nothing short of fantastic, the clubhouse however is stuck in the past with a dim and dated design that is un-inviting.


Our brief was simple – to come up with a light, bright design that was fitting of the club and be somewhere that people would want to come - not only to watch the cricket but to socialise.

The first task was to sit down with key members of the club and understand what they wanted to change, what they wanted to keep and what they were ultimately trying to achieve.
Once we had a clear understanding, we were able to go away and prepare a design that would tick all the boxes.


Our design was to incorporate a modern look with bright, fresh colonial style colours.


We proposed an ambitious plan to remove the tired widows overlooking the Cricket Square and replace them with some Bi-Folding Doors.


The bar was to be taken out and a newly designed one was to be installed complete with new equipment, lighting and security shutters.

The old internal timber ‘A’ frame was to be removed completely with the ceiling being left open to give a greater feeling of light and space. A lighting track would be installed, and some beautiful pendant lights would be hung to soften up the area.


The old suspended ceiling would be removed and a plasterboard ceiling with downlighters would be installed to complete the look - They loved it!!!!!

Having agreed costs we then put together a programme of works that would run over a 4-week period. This worked out brilliantly as it coincided with a Charity Function that was held every year at the club and was something they were committed to.

Over the next month the Colin Hill team worked tirelessly to complete the project, there were some early starts and some late finishes, but true to our word we completed on time and within budget.

The Cricket Club now has a new lease of life and is enjoyed by many more people who consistently comment on how wonderful and dramatic the change has been.

We will definitely be looking out for the Sunbury Cricket Club results this year!