Kindling Restaurant,

The refurbishment of a restaurant in Iconic Brighton

In November of 2019 we were approached by Mr. Mostowfi to discuss the refurbishment of a restaurant in Iconic Brighton - the building was run down and had been closed for several months.

Mr. Mostowfi is a well-known restaurateur in Brighton and had ambitious plans the develop his Land. Sea. Fire concept. The focal point being a charcoal grill that was to be installed right in the middle of the restaurant.

As well as the grill, we were to install a new working kitchen in the basement and ensure that the Ventilation System was designed to cope with amount of odour this mode of cooking would give out.

A new bar was required with an audacious hanging gantry, timber rafts were to be fitted to the ceiling, new décor throughout and a complete electrical rewire with a fantastic lighting scheme.
And all this was to be completed to ensure the restaurant could open its doors before Christmas.

Our first task was strip everything out of the building and get back to a blank canvas. Working alongside a Design Agency we put together a scheme that ticked all the boxes and would provide a wonderful end result.

Having worked out the positioning of Charcoal Grill, we were now able to design the Ventilation System. The brief here was to ensure that no ‘smoke’ smells would be evident in the restaurant and that the atmosphere was not hampered by noisy fans. The brief was understood, and the system was installed – and is 100% efficient.

The basement kitchen was then designed, and new equipment was installed, along with new wall cladding and a slip resistant floor.

The main bar had now been designed and we installed a fantastic granite counter that allowed customers to sit at and watch the theatre of the chef cooking right in front of them. The hanging gantry above gave that extra special effect that is now so iconic.

Our joiners had been busy building some cool looking timber rafts and these were fitted to the ceiling with a new lighting scheme, plants were added to the design giving a really warm cosy feel to the place.

Finally, we were in a position to decorate and start to bring in the furniture with new bench seating providing that little bit of luxury for the diners.

The restaurant was handed over to Mr. Mostowfi on Wednesday 18th December 2019 and Kindling opened its doors to the public on the Friday – they haven’t looked back since!



Photo credit: @jphuntphoto working on behalf of @restaurantsbrighton




The Kindling Ethos
Kindling Restaurant is about more than just the food. Kindling is a community of people: staff, customers and suppliers; sharing and celebrating food and knowledge. The aim is to make a difference by thinking big and acting small and respect the food that is served and the planet we all live on.